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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy february to the one i love............bottega veneta........swoon

so i just got back from florence, italy for the pitti filati show. florence is a magical city where the cobblestone streets wind and curve leading you to treasures. this time, they lead me to the leopold station for a vintage fair. truth be told, i am not a vintage shopper. it's true! i love vintage shoes, bags, coats & dresses but i loathe to shop for them. i know, i am being kicked out of the 'designers club' as i type this. but, it's so rare that they are organized, have comfy sofa, offer your sparkling water & come in the original boxes. yes, there are the incredible ones: lily et cie, didier ludot, decades, resurrection, to name a few and i have been know to buy some things there. but, i guess i maybe don't enjoy the hunt as most times they don't quite fit me.

so, i threw caution to the wind, and decided to hit up leopold and i am oh so happy that i did! the show was incredible. if i had a pot of gold that day, i can assure you that all the gold would be gone....including the pot! 

i entered the oz of vintage accessories! i am sure there were amazing clothing too but i was focused on the accessories. let me just say the decisions were tough: mint chanel tweed 2.55 bag, hermes in hunter green that i swear seemed to be 2'x3', a gucci canvas w/ leather 'cage', tons of just goes on. many of these items had their original boxes, dust bags AND many were displayed in glass cases. oh, and don't get me started on the jewels: bulgari, cartier, chanel (gripoix!), oh my!

so, i digress, i enter a 'shop' and right away, resting on the bottom shelf in said glass case, lying under a more recent collection lived my bottega veneta. yes, i said 'my' because i knew right away this was mine. strange you say? well, i have had for many many years an obsession with bottega veneta. it borders on stalking since tomas maier took over as designer of the house.  the house who's tag line, 'when your initials are enough' has owned my heart. very similar to seventh grade where you loved that 'boy' and went to his games, ate lunch near 'his table', etc...but NEVER talked to him. yes, i have never committed to my bottega bag. i love them. i have gone but can never decide or commit to 'the one' so i leave with something else: sunglasses, shoes, etc. indecision and price hinders me because if i can't decide which one, i also know, i can't buy all the cycle continues.

however, this bage, that has none of the basket weave that i'm love & appreciate nor is it leather! but, what it does have is a style, we're assuming is 1971 and it is silk, canvas & snake with a cotton strap. it reminds me of recent combinations that mr. maier has done. i wonder, did 'my' bag inspire these recent collections? in my mind, yes, yes, YES!.

so here is what i covet now: some from spring 11, a desk from the furniture collection, luggage (oh man!), mens boots, that i hope they make for women & i've attached the link to a video from their site of the artisan craftsman working. watch this and you'll understand the cost of their items. side note: i'm thinking we need something like this for souchi so you can see what we do to make 'your' souchi sweater. yes? no?) i love easy luxury, the beauty, the craftsmanship & the simplicity of the brand. in the end, it's timeless and what is a better investment than that? i wish and work hard at souchi to hope we can me this to some of you...or all.

and at the of 'my' bag

happy valentines day to you and the one you love....or thing

MY BAG.......


TinaW said...

LOVE the idea of a Souchi video!!

Bottega Bag said...

Hello all,

This bottega bag is looking so stylish. Thanks a lot.....