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Thursday, February 10, 2011

suzisouchi: the florence interview

Biggest inspiration this trip:

Describe your favorite day in Florence:
    The last day. I wandered for 4 hours & got lost along the Arno....freezing, red faced & sniffling I decided to head back to my luxurious room. I ordered tea, headed out to the terrace with a big blanket and read the last of my book & then got started on the 4 Italian magazines i bought at the show. Oh, and some Florentine pastries to go with the tea. ending with dinner around the corner from the hotel...pappardelle with a braised rabbit sauce, two glasses of wine & some gelato. it was perfect.

What did you read/watch/listen to on your long flight? Do you pack physical books or a kindle type reader?
    I watched the social network....finally.
    I watched 'The Town.'   
    I read a Norweigan crime thriller........I won't give the author's name, I was not impressed! This trip I packed two books because I have about two dozen to get thru (bought before i purchased my kindle). It was time to read them, but I missed my kindle!

The one thing in your bag you couldn't live without:
  My souchi beret! Seriously I wore it almost everyday (it was cold!) and the night I didn't wear it (I wore my Rhinhard plank fedora) I leant it to my friend nancy.

What you could have left at home?
    The 2 crime novels! ok, that's mean. I guess I could have left the isabel marant animal print dress I brought. It was far too cold to wear silk....even layered silk.

More color inspiration from Florence. How will it make its way into future souchi creations?

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