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Sunday, July 3, 2011

basalt........end of may......beginning of july.......

ok, i have been out of touch a bit but so much has happened! first off, the noticeable difference in town is 'the season has officially begun'. the town is packed, aspen even crazier. from my deck i can see a line of cars & boats heading to reudi. all parking lots are busy, people are shopping and the sun is out and hot! i still feel like i am on vacation. today, i went to look at a bike.....who knew bikes were so expensive? i think i'm going to go for a cruiser with gears....but not sure.

last week i hiked the arbaney kettle trail & it was easier than the time before but still so hard. i took many photos so you can see how steep this trail is. when you start in the parking lot there is no sign of sopris mountain range but as you start to climb you can then see it in all it's glory. 

i was on a mission to beat my time from the week before (easy, as my time was pathetic). i was doing pretty well and felt good so i decided to run down. it is fairly steep almost in it's entirety so perhaps not the best idea but it felt so good. luckily, i found out i have good knees but man oh man did my thighs hurt!! but i shaved off an hour so yeah me. 

here are some photos of the amazing trail. i must say, the valley, should consider a dipping pool at the top! instead there is a sad lil water bowl for the pups. i can't wait for jack to be able to do this hike. i could use the pull up. it is exhausting and exhilarating. i am in awe of the people who run up it. one day!

this is a view of the parking lot below where you park. it's behind the roaring fork club. notice how high i am already out. 

higher higher

sopris sneaking it's head...still snow covered. fyi, rumor has it, this is an incredible mountain climb. i think i'll be waiting before i attaack this. 

i LOVE tree sap! love it love love it

are we noticing how high i am? do you see that this is at eye level. arbaney is an incredible hike.

half way there...............this does not give justness to the level of steep!

pretty pretty pretty

check out this view. insane.

always puffy white clouds and blue skies.

i didn't do this but it's sweet someone did. i like it better than the peace sign.

sad lil empty water bowl! this should be a dipping pool.

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