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Sunday, July 10, 2011

basalt........jack at 14 1/2 so so big

jack and i are having the best time in basalt. he has gotten so big and for the most part i'd say he's the most incredible puppy. jack is a lab and i had heard how much energy they have an tend to be hyper and jack is pretty mellow. he has these bursts of energy that are hysterical: spinning in the air, running in circles, jumping up and over things, playing like crazy with his toys, chewing on all things (toys, socks, hems of all my jeans, and EVEN the terracotta flower pots on my deck). i am in love. i for sure thought we'd be happy and be in love but i was also afraid of missing billy too much.

turns out i do miss billy very much and the first few weeks i kept saying billy instead of jack. i wish they could have met & played together. i actually think billy would have liked jack and i think about the 2 of them playing & it always puts a smile on my face.

so here, is sweet jack, a big boy at 14 1/2 weeks on his first hike behind basalt mountain. AND, he got to go off leash. we had so much fun because the it was a game of trust. the trainer said i should let him off a bit at a time and then hide behind things when he got ahead of me and then see him run back look for me. you want to create that looking for me. he got it right away and i was laughing the entire morning. 

the other rule, was it was jacks schedule so if in 10 minutes he got tired we'd have to turn around. however, sweet jack, never got tired and we went a full hour and 15 minutes. he then slept an extra 8 hours that day. we're now going twice a week and i can't wait for next summer when we can go on runs on the trails. 

i am hoping for a very long life with jack filled with lots of trails, sunshine, rain, mountains & playing.


sweet jack all wet from flipping his travel water bowl up and on his head

he is so big!!

hurry mom, it's this way up over this hill

ok, i'll slow down

jack likes to nap in the strangest places. so funny because he's not realizing that he's getting bigger.

yes, jack loves carrots! i've been getting these big ones from the farmers market and then i call him jack rabbit while he's eating them. 


brigid said...

he's so big!! what a sweetie.

Katherina said...

Yayyy! I was just saying to Marywynn today that I want to see pictures of Jack. What a handsome wonderful little guy. Glad you're blissing out in puppy love! Katherina