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Sunday, July 10, 2011

basalt......july 4 weekend........

i had the best time 4th of july weekend. started out with rose & dinner at tempranillo with friends, an awesome hike, difficult yoga class, playing with jack, slammed at the store and all while it's in the mid 80's. beautiful.

for being in basalt only 6 weeks i have been very lucky to meet & make some cool new friends who have invited me into their lives. i feel fortunate & thankful for this adventure.

so, i was invited to a bbq by my new friends at our friend davids house in the 'frying pan'. it's such a cool house with the most beautiful view, barn, guest house (?). i never made it inside but can only imagine it's as cool on the inside. love it. the food (amazing & in the oc this would not be described as bbq but instead delicious!), drinks (all imaginable concoctions), fireworks, music (this was funny & ended up being great, thanks paula for some lita ford), sleeping under the stars (maybe next year as i had to get home to sweet jack) and yummy desserts. oh, AND, then later as the evening went on, a taco stand with old school al pastor tacos with grilled pineapple, onions and cilantro. YUM. note to, hike, yoga, cardio as all this food and drink is going to require TONS of exercise.

here are some pics of the much fun.

4th necessities: sunscreen, hat, platforms, red bull & proseco & my super cute vintage bottega veneta bag from their first collection of bags (love!)
can you see how light my hair is?

alison picked these wild flowers on the way to davids house. so pretty.

back yard with an incredible view of red rock mountains. so jealous!!

my friend linda, coming back from the hike behind the house that has a waterfall.!
*fyi, she is wearing her boyfriends shoes...her feet are NOT this big 

dina & i hanging out under the tent at the party. love her necklace!

alison and dina busting their best moves.

another of our hosts, sexy molly in shades. she may have the best legs ever!

fireworks at davids

snap crackle pop

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