the souchi story

Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanks for the memories...................ann demeulemeester

so, these boots and i have gone way back....2001 to be exact. we fell in love at the barney's in los angeles. i had just left san francisco for la and decided i needed a new pair of shoes. it was love at first sight. however, i debated for days if i should return them and get the black or brown pair. but, no, the shammy color won out over and over. i bust them out ever year or so and still love them just as much as the day i got them. 

yesterday i wore them in basalt & i got over 17 compliments from both strangers and friends. here's the thing about these magic boots. no matter what city, what outfit, what gender, what ethnicity these boots are the most complimented shoes i've ever owned. 

after almost 11 years i can say they are one of my favorites. they make me just as happy as the first time i tried them on. what do you think? thumbs up or thumbs down?


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