the souchi story

Friday, November 4, 2011 is it november?............chaaaaa....chaaaaa....changes!

i have been in basalt for almost 6 months! i am shocked how quickly it's gone by. i'm surprised that my life here has been fun, easy & so full of adventure & happiness. it's funny when you make a decision to try something new, unknown & seemingly crazy and it turns out to be a wonderful decision.

there is something freeing about leaving behind what wasn't working or no longer inspiring and head for something unknown. for the first time in a long time i feel fearless. i am so excited about souchi (wait till you see spring 2012), the new basalt store & now, my  new aspen store (opening next week). i am already looking at a 4th location! where do you think the next one should be? will be?

my oldest friends were not shocked by my decision to up and try something new. my new friends were surprised as there was no discussion or conversations about aspen or basalt but there was talk of new york, san francisco & fantasies of moving to europe. but, nope, never colorado!

fearless is a wonderful state of mind. it feels good in head, heart & body. i am excited to see what happens in the future with souchi & me with this new state of mind.

here are some fave pics of my new life & the people in it who are making it a total blast.


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