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Sunday, January 8, 2012

......jane's addiction.......december 30 in aspen, co.....................

holy smokes! i got to see one of my all time favorite bands at the belly up in aspen last week with one of my fave friends, chris. she's in town for a month to help me out at the store and have a blast. 

here are some images of the band that has been a huge part of my life. also, when i graduated from the academy of art in san francisco i used their song 'ocean size' from the nothing shocking album as the music for my fashion show.

love perry!! love perry!! love love love perry!

the only bummer.........tix said show starts at 10 and so i, stupidly, thought there would be an opening band (duh???) AND there wasn't! so we missed the first 30 min. i literally screamed 'NO' when i saw them on stage. i missed (or i'm hoping i didn't) my 2 fave songs but still, amazing amazing amazing!

and people, i hope my abs look that good at 53!!



yep, it's 1988 all over again!!

what i loved is how much fun he was having.

dave navarro i will say, seemed a bit bored and fyi, that is not a good look on stage!

however, he did 'light up' when the double mint twins (not really, but could've been) showed up flirting and dancing provocatively.....hmmmm, yes it is 1988

perry's hot wife with a bit of s&m outfit

yep, the hottie is the one on the left with the smile!
again, happiness always trumps boredom!

go chris on the shoulders of a stranger to get the shot!
*fyi, she's wearing triian earrings & fyi, brian, one of the designers of triian just won project accessory!

flat abs are sooooooooooo yummy!

.........ARGH, I HAVE VIDEOS!! but blogger is not letting me post them :(



bb said...

awe i love to see that perry is happy he's the best!! but what were YOU wearing???

suzi johnson said...

i was wearing snow leopard skinny jeans, black souchi tee, black tall fedora (almost slash!!) and some snake booties....rock and roll is fun