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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spring.........where for art thou?

the first thing to buy for spring..............scarves! yes, considering mother nature not wanting to give up winter and bring us spring this is the spring item you can actually use now. we love the new batch of cotton scarves we received from sammy. each one is made in a village in ethiopia where proceeds go right back to the village. what's better than that?  well, they start at $76!!!

and they make these lil leather pouches that are perfect for traveling with the compartments. hand stitched animals or houses, butter soft leather, 3 pockets and african bead dangling from the zipper pull.

they aren't available on-line at this point because they are selling quickly AND i leave to paris in 12 hours and haven't packed yet. so call the girls at souchi 503-525-0043 if you're interested. XO suzi souchi

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