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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NYC Re-cap

Suzi is dangerously close to touching down in Paris-- the next stop on her great adventure. But before she gets too comfy eating croissants and drinking cafe creme at fashionable cafes, we thought we'd get the scoop on last week's adventure: NYC.

{Queue our favorite J-Z and Alicia Keys song, "NY State of Mind}

What was the one thing in your NYC bag that you couldn't live without:
My souchi madame kept me warm and cozy...
We love you Madame Butterfly!
 What you could have left at home?
    most of it! as i got the flu my 3rd day in ny and had to cancel 3 nights of dinner plans :(

Biggest inspiration?
Bags! Little ones with bright pops of color yummy brown leather bags.
Johnny Farah makes delicious bags. Find them at the souchi store.

Trend spotted on the streets?
Short booties, oxfords & color

Favorite day?
My first day in NYC was the best. I was running around to all my appts (8!) in vintage ann demeulemeets, new souchi 'mel raglan' (my new fave) and menswear inspired booties......and spending lots of money at sea, johnny farah, cut 25 & bruce!!

More Bruce coming your direction for spring!

Favorite meal?
It'd have to be my night at my sweet friend nancy's......home cooked meal: bubbles, wine, pasta, salami, cheese, delicious salad & cookies & ice cream for dessert. heaven combined with incredible laughter.

What you bought for the store you're really excited about:    

All of it! i was so happy with the fall i saw in ny! fun, pretty, great quality, wearable & daring. loved.

What you bought for yourself:   
NOTHING!!!! this is the first time in 15 years of traveling to ny several times a year that i bought nothing. i am not happy about this at all. but i was so sick that i could not muster any strength to shop....yes, that tells you how bad i was feeling. um, i did buy fresh tinted lip balm the first day but that soooooo doesn't count! watch out paris, i am jonesing for something/s fabulous.

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