the souchi story

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the second best gift i've ever been given............................................

today started out like most of my wednesdays....6:40 alarm, hit snooze, 6:45 alarm, hit snooze, 6:48 alarm, get out of bed, brush teeth, grab running stuff & head to mt tabor hoping that the rain stays away. after a 4 mile run, healthy energy smoothie & shower i headed to the souchi studio. lots of hellos mixed with strange expressions....i said 'what's with those expressions' and turned around to find 2 beautiful beautiful gifts!

i was so touched and am truly excited to have these incredible gifts to remind me of my first best gift i ever received...sweet billy brown.

the smaller painting is of billy the day i chose him. i was told he was 3 1/2 months old, but turns out he was about 5 wks old. every time i look at the photo i am amazed i didn't call him 'bruiser'! i love the incredible detailing that he looks alive, real. 

the larger painting is on the glass of the vintage mirror. this is just happiness as it's a snapshot in the day of what was billy's life at the souchi studio: cashmere blanket, bone & souchi girls in cashmere (however, we don't pose like this or lounge around!!) i love the inclusion of poses of our model, julia as she was the first person i saw the morning after i said bye to billy (the artist didn't know that) and i love that she included strands from the mobile i made for the store. 

both of these surrounded in souchi blue. 

the perfect gift: unexpected, heartfelt, generous, kind & will bring joy every time i look at it.

thank you vivian!!! words can't explain what they mean to me.



Ruth said...

he was so adorable you think he was a bit loved...gorgeous women were always in his life..... lucky lucky Billy. I love that baby picture can see why you so easily fell in love.....

Ruth said...

I believe God gave him a bit of cashmere when he arrived and I bet he has found the flower garden....and a picture of you is by his side.

Vivian said...

i'm so glad. i hope these will help to remember him fondly :)

Anne Zimmerman said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!