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Monday, March 7, 2011

Suzi goes to Paris!

While Suzi sips a cafe creme and munches on a flaky croissant in a chic Paris cafe, we share the details of her most recent journey and try to discover how she got to be the luckiest, most fashionable gal on the planet.

Why you're taking this trip:
To sell souchi to international buyers & to look for new lines for the store.
Who you're traveling with?
I am going solo. but one of my nearest and dearest friends will be there at the same time so we'll be able to play at night. And, I am meeting up with an old friend who I haven't seen in forever, who is coming from vienna.

French food. love it or hate it? And why?
Love it! rich, indulgent & yummy... though don't like pate

Favorite French food/ treat/ kind of wine?

palmier :)
classic baguette & salted butter
*i am so easy to please!

Favorite spot you've been to in Paris or France.

I loved the south of france, cote d'azur.

The place your longing to go in Paris or France
I'd like to go to northern france/normandy or the south but in the country. I love to visit small towns. 

What you're most excited about:
Paris! the food, the clothes, new show, new stores.... So excited! 

Favorite French phrase:
Je voudre......... aka I want.....

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