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Sunday, June 19, 2011 & wine......june 16-19......exhausted

for those of you who don't know, this weekend (ending today) was the big food & wine event in aspen. what is crazy about this weekend is there are TONS of parties at restaurants, bars, galleries & museums. as well as private parties at the hotels, landmarks & incredible private homes. which means, i'm exhausted after a fantastic weekend of multiple trips to aspen, working at the store, jack's puppy classes, back to the store...and wine on the decks & porches of local restaurants. 

so, it started thursday night:
an invitation from plum tv to attend a party at the aspen art museum & then paragon with wine tasting, appetizers, swag & art. oh and a bit of..........monica said, 'DEERRRRR!' AND i say, 'NOOOOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!' and swerve my car to avoid hitting this giant deer (elk size!) thank you volvo for building a solid car that was totally cool with the swerve.

here are some of my favorites from the art showing:
cathy wilkes

miriam bohm 
areal 2009

dirk stewen
untitled 2008

sara greenberger rafferty
madeline 2009

so, that was thursday. on friday, it was scotch tasting at jimmy's that i skipped and sent one of our new souchi girls, melisa & her fiance tyler. grandma needed to rest up. this also means i skipped the men of aspen party. yes, i skipped.

however, last night i was invited to go to the 'wine in the mine' party on smuggler mountain! the view was beautiful, fantastic dj's & did i mention the view. an outdoor brick oven pizza, tons of wine (rose, barbera blend, pinot...tons!) however, i was the designated driver who saw many police pullovers on our way up from aspen. drunk driving is not cool, especially on a mountain road late night. any questions, refer back to the deer up above. after, driving to aspen, we (myself & alison aka 'red') met up with the silver fox & some friends at elevation & then hopped on a shuttle up to smuggler mountain. after a bit of a hike (it's 9pm, cold, windy & thankfully i packed my audry sweater & isabel marant boots) we were met with the wine in the mine sign

and are asked if we want to go up to the party or do a mine tour. we head to the party first and hang around. i run into my friend damon who tells me we have to do the mine tour. however, red & i say....we didn't sign the waiver (we are wild & crazy!) but decide it's ok. red, is more concerned the helmets won't fit. which is hysterical since she's tiny....but apparently has a large head (hmmm, still not sure about that). so we head to the mine entrance and are given hats. mine, i believe is the coolest: black & says 'dyno' on the front! yes, i need to have this hat. the tour is amazing and i think how crazy it must be to be a mine worker & think of the chilean miners. wow, a hard job. but so beautiful inside. we see the fault lines, the huge, hand dug, and dragged out 2200 lb piece that was removed (still the largest ever) and i'm in awe.

 it was incredible. damp, cold, dark & dripping (not sure i liked that and kept wondering about bats) but i had a great time getting into character.

so, after the tour i decided i had to have the helmet so continued to wear it. until, this mean girl told me i had to give it back. she took it from me and put it back in the mine. NO!! i needed to have it. so i see a cart near me that has a bunch but none as cool as black dyno. so, a miner comes out & asks me what i'm looking for & i tell him. he says, well i'm not sure you can take those. and i say, 'can't like i'll be arrested?' he says no. 'can't like a miner won't have a helmet tomorrow' and he says no. he says why do you want it. i said, it said dyno and i never want to dress up for halloween but NOW i can forever be a miner. he says take one. i am ecstatic but say i don't see mine because she took it inside. he grins, shrugs and says, hold on. he comes back looking sad saying, 'i couldn't fine black dyno.' so i thank him and say, it's ok...just not meant to be. he says, well come with me and see if you find it. i walk in and see it right away & he laughs he must be blind. he says he'll walk out with it for me but not sure how i would get it out of there but wished me luck.


there was a bit of a lie & conception but man, aren't i glowing? i mean perhaps i drew some attention being at a party at midnight in stiletto boots knocked up. 
such is a night at food & wine.


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It is pretty astonishing how real that looks.