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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

happy birthday kelly & dina.........bash in aspen..............

happy birthday to one of salon tulio's finest, miss kelly & basalts very own dina. the girls birthdays were a few days apart so they decided to have a bunch of people meet up at campo in aspen and then head to escobar for dancing. yes, friends, i accepted the invitation, despite the plans to dance! but, these girls are great and it's their birthday so i sucked it up, dug out my dancing shoes, dusted them off and drove up to aspen.

it was fun, crazy, a tad sloppy at times (as most crazy parties can be) and hysterical too. i had a great time and here are some pics of the nights festivities.

kelly one of our bday girls wearing the souchi megan dress in bamboo!

yep, and it looks exactly the same on me :)

this picture cracks me up! i look scared and like i'm going to do the tango. but it's because someone just
grabbed my arm...

ridiculous and so much fun!! we just arrived and already my dress is falling off and we all look like we're tipping over! it can't be my 6" booties!

funny since monica is holding the required redbull and the mayor looks like he's 7ft tall! 

not sure who this guy is but loving that he's rocking pink denim and busting some sort of move.

dina is our other birthday girl who has dance moves we all WAIT to see. fantastic!

kelly & molly standing on the booths and literally raising the roof

happy birthday girls

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