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Saturday, September 10, 2011

basalt......september 10........sweet sweet jack!

ok, it's been some time (seconds???) since i've done a jack post.....but he's SOOOOOOO cute and my sweet boy and love. so check out my jack montage.....xo
he loves to play with every single dog (except barry)

oh lord i see lots of river, sea & ocean trips in our future.

hmmm, this is the devil look of 'hmmm did you see that?'

gene simmons has nothing on me!

regal jack on his thrown at the store with a cashmere blanket to keep him warm.

snuggling with his stuffie on our road trip back from portland to basalt. funny that the first road trip stuffie was double jacks size


i told you to slow down...that was a cop and you got lucky!
but it smells really good....just a sip?

lil boozer

a really really good dog

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