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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

happy labor day from basalt!............

well we woke up to a gorgeous morning. sun shining bright, a slight breeze in the air & sweet jack ready to play. i decided to make him a delicious breakfast of brown rice, carrots, sweet potato & fish (this is part of his food already). and i headed to yoga to stretch, work out & do head stands (not so well today thanks to allergies) so i decide to help linda who hasn't done one.....word to the wise....leave this to the professionals because i got kicked in the side of my head...OUCH!!!

then midland for breakfast, then energy work appt (this is new but i was very curious about it), grocery store, bathe jack (as he played at the energy workers backyard and found a mud pit (yep!!! i now have a brown lab), then up to buttermilk mountain for drinks and a tour of truly the most beautiful home i've ever seen let alone been in. so stunning & every corner so well thought out & the furnishings were meant for this home. incredible! next time i'll ask my friend if she'd mind me taking photos.

then we were off to aspen for dinner & drinks at elina: sashimi ahi tuni with cucumbers, bruschetta with poached egg and artichoke, halibut ceviche and lemon basil martinis.....delicious! then back down valley for a night cap at tempranillo with out friend david. who by the way gets passed a note from a man down the bar who has asked us about his love life & would be age appropriate women for him. it's sad as he's sad about his divorce but still kind of odd. what's more odd? well the note, read after he left, is him asking our friend for a 5 million loan??????? huh? very odd indeed.

we decide we're all meeting up on wednesday and are trying to decide what to do. i vote sky diving, linda votes horseback riding....we'll see.

hope you all had a great long weekend.

*jack and some new friends! he does love the water & some yummy snacks from the farmers market

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Anne Zimmerman said...

Headstands, hikes, sunshine... sounds good to me. xo