the souchi story

Monday, September 26, 2011

late september in ny......

first is it late september? the leaves are starting to change, nights have gotten cooler, layers are starting and jack is so big. last week i was in ny for fashion week. i was showing my spring 2012 collection and looking at the collections of new designers and the ones we currently carry at the souchi stores. plus, lots and lots of catching up with old friends, new friends & lots of food & wine.

sam....with crazy tails from her adventures in greece! over a pitcher of delicious sangria

sorbet colors and stripes 

walls and walls of scarves

menu at the abc restaurant. perfect lunch spot during a crazy day

UNBELIEVABLE necklace that i am freaking out you guys like it?

sweet whitney who just moved to new york....soon a mini post about this!

mountain suzi with her knew amazing 'holster purse' & true grit hat.

thea grant flirting with the camera

thea & nico's sweet baby boy, grey. swoon



Anne Zimmerman said...

I want whitney mini-post!

Susan Nicole-SNP Original said...

Hi Suzi!!! You probably don't remember me (we met at Fashion Week February 2010 with my BFF Sherri-McMullen Boutique), but you do follow my I must admit, I have not been faithful in my postings, but am on the job again!! Anyway...I just finished a knitting course and have made 2 scarves!! I am so proud and wanted to share my new adventure with you. Much success with all you are doing!!! I hope to be like you when I grow up.

T Grant said...

Darlin', you make the hot even hotter...thanks for being such a loverly model and for championing the wit and wearables of Thea Grant jewels!