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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy birthday to me..........thank you basalt!

i had an incredible 42nd birthday! my new friends in basalt, made it extra special and made me realize how lucky i am to have made the decision to move here. i have made wonderful friends that make me laugh non stop and love to cook & drink....see the grins!

my host, molly, made an incredible thai dinner (yum!!) and asked all the guests to bring wine and thai beer. so i decided to bring champagne as a thank you to all of them for welcoming me into their family. however, to my surprise, they all knew i'd want champagne so 15 bottles were in the fridge!! oh, come friday, i was feeling more like 52. ouch!

here are pics of the night....but after the pics as that many bubbles becomes a bit foggy and no documentation is necessary.


dina, melissa, kelly, molly, linda, bday girl, melisa

ms kelly

ms linda

melisa (souchi) & melissa (tulio)

the mayor karl

linda & me (wearing thea grant, souchi headscarf & ports dress)

sis & bro dina & damon

molly, david & karl

ahhhhh such a sweet card!

love love love 

more bottles & laughter

and lil monica from kansas city

good food & drinks.....

so want this to be a broche!
*and on my right wrist a super cool brass cuff with a peacock motif from the basalt crew.

thx david

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