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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new york with sweet friend whitney..............late september

i love my sweet friend whitney! we met almost 8 years ago when i first moved to portland. we quickly became two dear friends who rarely saw each other due to our busy lives. yet, as with many of my nearest & dearest, every time we are together it's like we just saw each other the day before. well, except for all the chaos of our lives in between. it often means, lots of wine, bubbles & chatter!

both of our lives have taken quite a turn in 2011 and both of us have moved to new cities, new lives and new adventures. it was so much fun to spend some time in new york (her new home) and shop, eat, drink and laugh our asses off. ok, there were tears but impossible not to shed at ground zero.

it was a beautiful time together & i can't wait to visit again soon. here is to an incredible new beginning filled with love, laughter and unexpected joys.

meanwhile, please note, the pics of whitneys apt are taken 3 days after she moved to ny. um, me, well, i've been in basalt 5 months and yep, my place doesn't look like this! did you see the labeled containers? the pics & art on the wall? yep, she has made herself at home. me, well i'm still learning how to do that.


last minute outfit before was 90 degrees. this morning it was 60 degrees meant quick stop to h&m for a sweater (hmmmmm) and tights (quick stop at street vendor to borrow scissors to make them footless) 

sexy cab changes

ground zero & freedom tower evoked so many emotions and visuals that it was disarming.

missing photos, cards, letters made the pain & shock come back again

how is this 3 days after moving in?

seriously? ok, clearly, i need a better system

looks like my souchi racks with 1" spacing :)

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