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Friday, October 28, 2011

la in mid october part 2.............................

more time in LA meant: a souchi trunk show at a private home, an afternoon with my friend whitney & a short trip with becky to the flower mart where i am on overload with all the colors and shapes. 

for the trunk show:  i met julie & jamie in basalt, colorado over the summer. my friend, karl, invited (well forced) them to come check out my store. they obliged with both husbands and 5 kids under the age of 6! so much fun and shows what good friends they are. i was a bit nervous as jack was still a puppy and not quite sure how he'd handle all the kids. the kids & jack were perfect and at the end of a 2 hour shopping session he was asleep in a dressing room with the 2 youngest kids. LOVE. 

lucky for me, both jamie & julie liked souchi & decided i should come to LA & do a show at their home for their friends. it sounded like fun & why not? it was so much fun that we decided we had to do it again.

thank you ladies for a great day & helping to spread the word of souchi.

souchi cashmere + johnny farah + christina lehr makes for a happy lady

souchi head scarves, berets & beanies & thea grant baubles, serafina feathers & super cool studio deseo necklaces!

lunch with whitney was fantastic! though, surprising from our old days in venice beach, there was no pinot grigio as future mama whit surprised me being 8 1/2 months pregnant!! i went to there new home and fell in love with the style and the pretty plants outdoors. i love the simplicity in the landscaping and the super cool stuff inside. i should have taken pictures of her custom wood doors from mexico, loved them. i loved the lil picket fence protecting the pups and MORE than anything fell in love with the wallpaper in their bathroom. yep, i stole it and am putting it in the souchi aspen dressing rooms. love.

thank you everyone for a great time in LA...yeah, i said it! i usually don't like la.


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