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Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day in aspen.........................

my first christmas in aspen...........thoughts of a white christmas, fireplace, yummy food, warm cocktails with friends after a long day of skiing......well, not quite. but, i did get all of these things this week but not in one day :)

i woke up this morning to a a very excited puppy who could barely contain his excitement for the chuck-it and tennis ball, 3 new treats (thank you christine & lola & me), 2 new toys (new rubber ball & a red/green/white stuff squeaky octopus). so we headed out for 30 minutes of chuck-it. i can't even imagine the energy necessary to sprint for 30 straight minutes.

then, it was a yummy breakfast for jack while i went to the gym (i miss the warmth of exercising outside). then i went to meet anita & have breakfast at the two rivers cafe. yes, it was very healthy: scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon & cheddar biscuits (oh lord!) and several cups of tea.

headed back to basalt store to pick up more souchi as the aspen store has been selling out of things. i then went home to shower & get ready for a day at the store. word on the aspen streets is that people love to shop on christmas day.

we arrive in aspen, sun is shining there is still snow in the park but not on the streets. so jack gets another 30 minutes of chuck-it and is now exhausted.

so here i sit. it's true, there are some shoppers out. jack is playing with his new toys and chowing down on his bully stick. i marked down the little that is left from fall collections and updating the website. not the best christmas day, but not the worst. missing my old friends & family but such is life with opening a new store in a resort town. meanwhile, the customers are lovely, fun & giving lots of holiday wishes.

i'm closing up early to go to a dinner party tonight in missouri heights (beautiful beautiful views) with 20 people. it will be fun, crazy and hysterical so all is well for me and lil jack in aspen. strange i live here now. even stranger that i love it &  can't believe it's been 7 1/2 months. strange where life takes us.

*ooooh and this friday i get to see jane's addiction at belly up! i am soooooo excited. my love for perry is almost as strong as my love for johnny :)

merry christmas & happy holidays!!

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