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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

magic holiday wish list.............

ok, i don't ever remember writing a christmas wish list. sure, my mom asked us, but if you knew my mom, you'd realize she buys all year so really, it's besides the point. but, maybe i did when i was really young but i have no memories of writing for specific gifts.

however, this year, everyone seems to have a list on every blog and article or editorial so i figured, what the hell....i would do a ridiculous list. now, be clear, i am not expecting any of these let alone the list. but, it was sort of fun. 

side note, late at night i could be found on-line filling shopping carts for hours to then not buy a thing so this was fun.

anyways, happy holidays to all of you and may you enjoy all the things you receive....everyday.


a mobile or print from beatriz milhazes

bottega veneta hand cut and stitched silk velvet & python strips.
the craftsmanship and pain in the ass
attention to detail......swoon

these digital prints on silk pillows are so pretty and i think
would look amazing with my cashmere throws

ok, well this is just funny!

art by don carney & john ross of patch nyc
they are brilliant, funny & truly

kartell serving tray
i am not afraid of color

super cool water filter!

cool bras are always a must. 

totally pretty and perhaps not practical but gorgeous.

super cool pearl watch from chanel! 
BUT, i do NOT want the diamond face.
i like the platinum face with just the pearls.
i want to treat this as an everyday watch with beat up jeans.

notice no shoes? yes, oddly, i am completely satisfied in that department.
ok, who am i kidding, not completely, but not really needing anything either.

happy holidays
be safe
have fun


1 comment:

Anne Zimmerman said...

I love this list, especially the knit drill from ABC. I was just there last week. X-mas decorating central!