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Monday, December 26, 2011

controversy? controversial? ...................hmmmmm, i kinda like it!

so this month italian vogue had an editorial spread called 'body by kloss'. it featured the model, karlie kloss in various poses dressed and undressed. frenzy occurred and words like: anorexic, unhealthy, too skinny, etc hit the internet and fueled the controversy.

after 25 years in the fashion industry i don't get it. i thought the pictures were great and inspired fitness & health. clearly miss kloss works out, is athletic, strong & fit. how could her body equate to anorexia? it doesn't make sense. is she thin? yes. does she have a low fat count? yes. but, you can't have that kind of muscle tone and be starving yourself, right?

i am happy to see a naturally tall, thin & lanky girl work out. so many models are too thin these days and lack any kind of muscle tone. karlie's images show a strength that i really like....though the abs may be a bit much for me. however, i wouldn't mind that ass  & thighs!


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