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Monday, December 19, 2011

souchi aspen store opening party.........december 15.....................

december 15 souchi aspen officially opened with a party! i don't know very many people in aspen so i was nervous & flashbacks of birthday parties from elementary school and fear nobody would show up. so funny, as our parties growing up were so big but still nerves kick in.

so, how happy was i to run out of glasses & see everyone having a great time! the day started with a crazy busy morning and people shopping up a storm so the store was a disaster zone. then mid day i get the most beautiful flowers from a new friend that may be the most beautiful flowers i ever received with an amazing card as well. side note: i WISH i wrote good cards!

and yummy yummy sweets from franck thirion pastry & cafe (same peeps who made my delicious birthday cake!) so pretty and so delicous

lots of people drinking proseco, mingling & trying on cashmere. plus, gotta love our two male guests who offered to wear the cashmere undies! go souchi men

jen & lauren

alison (sporting the riley cardi)

ramona who is very shy which is why she is the host of aspen tv show 'plum tv'
love her!

me and my fave anita 
CLEARY i am not a fan of pics especially this close!! 
i do love my bobble beret & my souchi scarlet dress in azure

happy holidays
lil jack

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