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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

goodbye summer 2010.............

this summer flew by with all of the travel i was lucky enough to do! here are some of my favorite images from summer 2010 in firenze, kona & sun valley. my biggest inspiration is always color. i love that it truly is everywhere........enjoy. XO suzisouchi

 kona sunset........
 incredible flower at akaka falls, kona
 rockaway beach, oregon
 beautiful flower at the japanese gardens, oregon
 dream family room.......this miniature model is solely made of yarn....EVEN the books on the shelf!
 close up of the lamp in the 'yarn family room'......amazing! look at the knit lamp shade!!
 ok, maybe my dream ceiling.....from santa maria novella, firenze (buy the rosewater!!)
 lookout at boboli gardens, firenze. this is the perfect shade of paint!!!
 pure happiness! truly gelato in a million colors, piled mountain high and i swear it calls out to me!
 i have no idea what this cool. do any of you know what it is????? scary beautiful.
 i found this big guy on my last day in kona. he came up onto shore to snooze in the sun. i've never seen a tortoise this close up and really such a beautiful day to sit next to this wonder.
 yummy yummy last celebratory dinner in kona...isn't it pretty?
 doesn't this sort of seem like this is the grown up version of the yarn model above? this room was my favorite in sun valley. the colors, textures, mood and trinkets were so fun and sophisticated at the same time. LOVE
perfection: kitsh, color, culture and stripes....YEAH.


Anne said...

Hey! The high in SF yesterday was 93 degrees. It is finally summer here :)

s a m said...

Ms. Souchi, saw you in The Oregonian today! yah girl.