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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10+ fall picks from

ok, one day i'll figure out how to organize photos on a blog...

in the meantime, here is my list of my 10 must haves from as of today, september 7.

1) bruce wool seamed legging jean with higher waist. this is not your mom jean as they are sexy, snug and hot.

2) johnny farah perth bag in avocado green! i love love love this bag. the color is perfect for year round and cool enough that you know you have a cool 'i don't care bag' ....but maybe you care :)

3) souchi's paula pocket pullover in 100% hand loomed cashmere. ummm, i have 3 and need another.

4) ports 1961 grey rubber wellies! i live in portland, these are mandatory. and with the curved cut at top, they look great with everything!

5) martha davis hand made booties in smoke. what can i say? these will work with everything and the color is so cool.

6) souchi's 100% cashmere ribbed lara catsuit. LOVE! now, this is the foundation to all things fall. and, perhaps the perfect piece to lounge at home in too. (coming soon to if you must!)

7) sea ny's gorgeous purple silk dress. to me, this is the perfect fall dress. tights, booties, and chunky cardi and i am complete...we all need a shot of color for the dreary days.

8) christina lehr long a-line dress in moss (also, coming in charcoal at the end of the month). i have had this dress on 3 times in the last week! lace up booties chunky scarf and cropped beat up denim jacket.

9) thea grant wrap around bracelet w/ silk cord & big rhinestone bow. this is my idea of bling: something big, sparkly and makes you smile. perfect w/ beat up jeans, souchi organic cami, paula pocket pullover and some booties.

10) new fall outerwear: souchi 100% luxe cashmere 'trina cardi cape'. great with dresses, leggings, jeans & my newly coveted pair of ann demeulemeester crop pants (happy birthday to me!). cute tied in the front or draped loosely.

hope you like the choices. we will have 'insider picks' for the rest of september for must haves.

what are yours?



Anne Zimmerman said...

Stripes. Stripes stripes stripes. Looks great with denim + souchi. Euro/sophisticated + effortless. Maybe you should set aside that C Lehr striped tunic for me if you've still got it. My stripey obsession does not seem to be going anywhere.

suzi johnson said...

only one top left!