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Thursday, September 9, 2010

insiders pick #3........lisa clinton of juniper in madrona, washington

our next insider picks from the website is from lisa clinton, owner and buyer for juniper in madrona, washington. she has a beautiful, well edited store (accessories, clothes and great items for the home) that makes you want all sorts of things. plus, she fosters and adopts cats out of her store (love that!) and her husband, derek is pretty damn funny & the pair always make me laugh. 

NO, this is not what she looks like....she is apparently quite photo shy....hmmmmm, i considered (just for a moment!) of picking bad pieces so you'd question her style....but realized (said with extreme modesty) there is nothing bad on then, i spent 20 minutes perusing the web to find a picture (i'll show her!) and no here is the beautiful juniper logo:

lisa, owner of Juniper

shane legging jean in finn by Genetic - i am a uniform dresser & almost always wear them!

christina lehr belgian cotton tank in black or uniform a long tank is my 1st layer

souchi organic cotton tiny cami or tunic  - i love that suzi uses organic cotton & these are such flattering comfortable shapes for layering....which i love to do!

souchi getty turban i have this & was so excited to wear it the first time - as a turban - yes! or as a scarf if you want to ease into it.

souchi classic cashmere scarf...ok, i have this too, in variegated charcoal/black perfect for anytime - day, evening, home, work, get the picture.

souchi clinton headscarf - this is proudly on my list since the name was changed for me! a favorite for me & Juniper customers!

souchi cardi cape - my first fall purchase this year - it is heaven & i know i'll enjoy it for years to come!

souchi heather shawl cardi in italian merino. i love an open cardigan & even better when it's long!

hazel cox unite chain necklace - i like jewelry that is easy to wear & goes everything (ok, goes with my uniform!)

beginning to feel like a souchi pig but i can't help it! all my souchi pieces come back out (or stay out all year - i do live in seattle!) so for the last item (but definitely not least!) the grand finale pick is the julia hooded cardi - don't have this one...yet?!
....what a perfect & stylish piece to keep you warm ALL your winters long!

thank you thank you to lisa for her fantastic pig out on souchi! i can't say i blame her. what better way to pig out without the calories? yep, no better way.

happy fall lisa & see you later this fall for a trunk show.

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Anne Zimmerman said...

I purchased my clinto head scarf at Juniper and LOVE IT.
Never thought of wearing the getty turban as a scarf. Great idea, Lisa!
P.S. Lisa, who I used to work with at Les Amis in Seattle is a wonderful person and a total beauty. I am tempted to go find a photo of her to put up here.... but I won't. Still, go check her and Juniper out!