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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

insiders pick #6.........marywynn ryan, portland, oregon

marywynn, is a magician with her hands! she makes my skin a friend and not an enemy. she cracks me up. she rocks her curves & my lord her core is bionic! you must try a facial with marywynn....truly you will thank me and book again.

*marywynn didn't write reasons for these choices but, considering our morning runs, many glasses of wine and conversation that tend to include fashion....i am going to write why i think she chose these.....

here are her pics:

1. johnny farrah sydney tote - perfect carryall: rugged, sophisticated & strong....she's tough on her bags!

2. ports 1961 panel dress - this is perfection! charcoal wool, lame inserts at waist & leather trimmed pockets!

3. ports wool tweed dress - the color of brown tweed w/ chocolate leather corset detailing that screams for curves

4 ports mixed fabric pencil skirt - the most beautiful colors & nobody rocks a pencil skirt like marywynn.

5 christina lehr anita stripe dress - sexy, french, casual and easy peasy cotton

6 souchi donatella dress - the 50's italian screen star shape......she loves vavava-voom!

7 souchi lydia dress - cashmere around all your curves and a you notice a theme?

8 souchi batwing - classic, pretty and great to work in and head to dinner & cocktails after work.

9 souchi monica wrap cardi - 'your wrap sweaters are great! i need more more more'

10 souchi kc car coat - 8 ply cashmere to throw over everything and anything.

thank you so much marywynn, we love you, your facials, your style & your choices.


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Anne said...

Oh my I LOVE that grey ports dress. And I need a batwing, too. :) My wish list gets longer and longer.