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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

insiders pick......... giovanna parolari

so, i asked a dozen friends in the fashion & design industry to give us their 'insider picks' from our on-line store

giovanna parolari, owner of the beautiful store, una in portland, or. check it out, if you haven't already. her store is a beautiful, eclectic mix of clothing, jewelry, found items and is incredibly curated. i love it.

here's giovanna's picks:

1) bruce cap sleeved jersey dress made of bamboo - 'because it's comfortable & structured'

2) ports 1961 woven dress w/ leather belt - 'a classic and i need to be better about wearing what actually fits and compliments my body'
3) johnny farah jumbo leather tote bag - 'do you have to ask? because it's f****** beautiful!'
4) ninh wysocan silver & bronze horn necklace - 'it's perfect and can layer well'

5) anouk hand made leather boots - 'because i could walk forever in these, plus they would go with every dress on this list and more'
6) christina lehr boxy t-shirt in white - 'you can never have too many white t's or button up blouses'
7) souchi getty turban - ' because i love hats but do not love beenies on myself. plus, it would allow me to get away with my artsy slouchy look and add a little glamour'
8) souchi giselle dress in cashmere - 'classic ballerina top (sexy) with long comfortable bottom
9) souchi trina cardi cape - 'amazing cashmere in a roomy style, great for travel'
10) souchi merino heather shawl cardi - 'you can never have too many cardigans'

*giovanna's notes:
       " i would be happy ordering the 2 souchi sweaters that i already wear to death (grandpa with one snap and funnel cape cardi) in yummy thick cashmere and in several colors!!"

thank you giovanna! we love your choices. we love you. we love una.


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