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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

insiders pick #5..........gwendolyn wright, san francisco

our next insider's picks for our on-line store is from gwendolyn wright.

if you know me, there is no doubt you know of my love for gwendolyn. she is funny, kind, smart & excellent at what she does (guerilla retail marketing & pop-up shop consultant). which, is of course, why i asked her to be an 'insider'. 

here are her pics:

1.  Silk moto pants-I think these would be great for traveling! (gwen, i just took these today for ny next week!!)

2.  Souchi Wrap dress in deep gray-a glamorous style,  color and the best shape for my body

3.  Souchi classic cardi with a cardi in organic cotton-perfect for San Francisco Indian summer weather 

4.  Sonia Rykiel side zipper coat-looks like a London design for some reason (I REALLY WANT THIS TOO!)

5.  Sonia Rykiel multi colored gloves- to wear with the zipper coat. (I have my mothers collection of gloves is just about every color and length!)

6.  Anything by Johnny Farah because I have a sickness for handbags, totes, clutch bags, etc.

7.  Souchi Lydia Dress in Black-my new LBD

8.  Souchi wrap skirt in olive green- love it! love it! love it!

9.  Souchi Chanel Chanel in tomato-my new jacket for the season and it goes so well with my Lydia dress
*gwen custom ordered this in tomato cashmere and it was absolutely beautiful!!

10.Triian pretty punk ring-very 1960’s

thank you so much gwen, we love you and your picks! and, you should seriously consider the ring and all things johnny farah :)


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