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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

basalt block party part 2......................

ok, so after i left work for my 3 hour break on saturday, i headed to riverside cafe to meet dina for lunch & a glass of wine. it's 80 degrees, sun shining, blue skies & truly just beautiful out. the riverside cafe is set along the river and when sitting outside on the deck you can hear the water rushing by. the sound is so powerful when mixed with birds chirping. i love it. feels like vacation.

for lunch we decide the quinoa salad sounds fantastic, 2 glasses of pinot grigio & the buffalo tacos were the way to go. we were right, it was delicious. people watching in basalt is a lot of fun. casual dressing, work out clothes & the classic shorts & t-shirts seem to be the dress of choice. so of course, dina (in a strapless romper, jackie o glasses & big sun hat) and i (jovovich hawk maxi dress with cut outs, souchi riley cardi) are over-dressed but we are happy and having a great time. 

so we head over to the block party to check things out. rumor has it: there is a band, a beer garden, tons of food (all the restaurants put up booths & misc aspen valley cafes). here is what we've seen & thankfully we each had just one glass of wine or perhaps we would have been dancing!

block party


the band

beer garden

midland bakery cupcakes

midland bakery cookies

midland bakery corn muffins 
i CAN'T believe i didn't buy one of these!

pecan pie from ???

mojitos & sangria at tempranillo

the girls then called me that the store was busy so i headed back to the store till 7pm. a girl has to keep the customers happy. fyi, we had our best day in basalt so far (yeah souchi!) alison, from midland bakery stops by the store looking fabulous in a vintage turquoise maxi dress (yeah, not shorts!) and we head back to the block party once we close up shop. but, first i must go get jack! while walking home, i run into our souchi fave, suzanne with her dog rocco, on her amazing cruiser w/ custom leopard seat & basket. LOVE.

we head to tempranillo and meet up with karl & david & i've got jack who loves the lawn in front of the restaurant but has decided that he must dig up the big tree. karl, being a dog owner & avid, be the alpha, takes jack on short lead and jack is pretty chill eating tons of ice cubes. turns out everyone is hungry again so we head to the gyro stand (sold out). then the oyster stand (sold out but have clam chowder) & then decide to hit up midland bakery for dinner as it's now 8:45 and so loud we want some quiet. 

more wine (i pass on this), more food, more laughs, more ridiculous conversation and joined by the fabulous jessie who works at midland. we laughed for a long time, discussed male vs female corporate marketing targets and teased each other to the point of silliness.

all in all a fantastic night.


*PS........this butterfly was sitting on the steps outside the store yesterday! can you believe it? karla who works next door is our hand model. incredible right/

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