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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

basalt......dinner, nutrition, hikes, jack & new friends & nails........a good may

so i have been in basalt for 16 days & so far, i think it may be one of my best decisions in a long time. here is what i'm loving:
it is so pretty
the people are incredibly friendly. next to disneyland this may be the happiest place on earth
dogs are the treasure of the town (especially if you are a puppy....a lab is double points)
the skies are always blue (well mostly, when there isn't rain, hail & snow)
the night sky is covered in stars
and they seem to like souchi!

this weekend was so much fun. i met even more people and had a great time with customers. jack is taking to his crate....of course i had to decorate it with a clementine/cancun stripe cashmere blanket (i have issues).
his love is still strong for layla layla layla.

i started a new exercise routine (yoga, lean & mean class, running & hiking) and am now making 3 meals a day (except when out with new friends). i must say, running in high altitude is so much harder but the fresh air and incredible beauty around you makes you forget you're panting! today, i attempted a 4 mile run but only made it 2.5. the good news: i saw a snow covered mountain peak as i ran along a river. the sounds were fantastic. 

last night i went to a dinner party and met great people & a 6yr old lab named cody (so cute & 100lbs!) damon grilled bratwurst & rib eyes, corn, onions & veggies. it was delicious (and i had already had dinner!) and more incredible is it was outdoors under a black night with big bright twinkle stars. so fun.

today started with a run, then play date w/ layla, followed by busy day at the store with some of the girls from dinner party stopping by and from salon tulio next door. then another 40 min of playing with layla. i then spent some time catching up with a dear friend, mina, discussing a future trip to rio & argentina. 

it was time for jack to go out again, so once again, in pjs bottoms, clehr tank top & souchi cardi i head outside. on our way back (just 5 minutes) we see an adorable family who want to play with jack so we talked, played with jack & turns out this womans friend is my new nutritionist. so i sit down in pj bottoms at the table next to them and have a glass of wine with the girls at midland.

now it's bedtime for both of us...we're exhausted!

happy june to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Well Jack between your love life and Mommy's catering you should both crash every night from exhaustion.

I agree best decision ever! Love the fact you are living and loving life.... GO BASSALT!