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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

basalt mountain hike......june 12..............LOVE

i did it!!! yes, i finally made it up, over & around basalt mountain. it was so beautiful that i can't wait to do it again. maybe sunday before jacks puppy kindergarten class. did you know, i absolutely love basalt? so here are pictures of the incredible hike this past sunday in basalt mountain. i went with my new friend dina & it was funny (cue...twang....deliverance song), barbaric (limbs???) & survivor (is this a trail?). i had a great time. rumor has it it's about 8 miles and totally worth it. 

here you are....enjoy.

rumor has it people get married under here. it's so pretty i want to do a picnic here!!

look at this view

uh.....not happy about this. we saw another leg a mile down........

love this view. so turns out you can drive up but i highly recommend the 8 mile trip. so pretty.

little man made lake? reservoir?

spider web above a creek. huge huge spider....don't like that but love the web!

can you imagine how high i am??? i think about 7400 ft. the snow cap mountain is 14,000 ft!

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