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Friday, June 10, 2011

basalt.......june 10......

ahhhhhh, i woke up this morning at 6:45....the air is so clean, sky so blue & sun so bright that it feels impossible to sleep in these days. however, i didn't have that problem last week when i was sleeping till 8:30. but, mostly that was because i was waking up at 2, 4, 6 to let jack out. he's much better now about holding his bladder (YEAHHHHHHHHH) 

so, i woke up this morning, through on my trusty target leggings (love these & $5.99), christina lehr slip tank, enza costa l/s t-shirt & my straw fedora (no more sun spots!) and headed on a hike to the trail head off spur/midland. it's a great hike and hopefully tomorrow morning i will find out if it loops around. so far i've gone 45 minutes up and then back. i love the view & it's a great work out. tomorrow i'm heading out early in hopes that i find out if it loops around....stay tuned. here are some pictures from the hike. 

then play date with jack & layla. i love layla's mom, logan. we are very similar about our 'kids' love them but man they can make us crazy. nothing is more fun than watching them play together. we just crack up and watch them. it is so sweet, hysterical & curious: how can that not hurt?

off to work to open at 10 am. super excited as we got new jeans from mother & a huge box of souchi bamboo & organic cotton & cotton/cashmere. you MUST come to the store to see all the color. so pretty & fun & playful. i had to steal a pair of the jeans, organic cami & a leslie bamboo crew. joy!

after checking in all the new things, changing our windows, re-merchandising the store, freaking out at jacks need to bark, bark, bark AND bark....(finally had to get the water!) i left the new souchi girls to the store and headed to midland bakery for a glass of wine, the couch under the tree & continued to read 'an extravagant hunger' while i waited for logan to finish work so layla & jack could play again. i am feeling the need to have a glass of wine at 4 pm everyday. such a relaxing luxury. i brought 12 books to read and haven't read one! i've got to get on with it. 

it's now, internet time: looking at homes, cities, commercial spaces, and meanwhile, jack is headed to the crate (omg! he went on his own!!)

has anyone checked out the collections on what do you love? what did you hate? here's what i far.

fyi, he's now out of his crate :) and i miss my living room :(

happy friday

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