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Sunday, June 5, 2011

basalt......the first 5 days....................

arghhhhhhh, i just spent 65 minutes writing the blog post & saved it...yet somehow it wasn't saved! omg, i'm so annoyed. now, i'm beat and not in the mood to write it all over again. i just type/write when i do the blog so i have no notes.......arghhhh, i am very sorry as i spent a lot of time on it and now will just be a re-cap.

here are some pics from my 3 block walk from my loft above midland baking co to the store. isn't it pretty? i absolutely love it here!

view from outside my store!

half a block from the store

home of fabulous spanish food & wine. the porch is great (except the damn stalker wasp who was after me & truly trying to kill me!!) to enjoy late afternoon/early dinner & their rose. also, couches out on the lawn for drinks & apps

how cute & charming is this street? love love love lucksinger lane

here are pics of my run this week. i was trying to make it to the light at the base of two rivers road. rumor had it that it was 4.1 miles, someone else said 3.2 so i wanted to try. i made it (3rd attempt) and decided to keep going and follow 82 to where it loops around to the bridge, post office and library. i did it!! but, turns out it is actually only 4.6 miles. still proud, but determined to start running 15-20 miles a week. my nutritionist has also given me the goal to be able to hike aspen mountain before the end of summer. i am a little scared of this but hey, i do like challenges.
look at this reflection!! so pretty. look how blue the sky is and it's a reflection!!

and you get a white snow covered mountain too.

this may be the cutest library i've ever seen

this morning i went on a hike to red hill mountain in carbondale. it is such a great hike as it's a pretty steady incline. but the view is well worth it. i was awestruck by the bark, bright wild flowers and the red rocks. i thought the view of carbondale was so pretty but lisa, my hiking partner, and nutritionist said the sky was still so hazy form the fires in southern colorado. still, what do you think? i'm thinking pretty.

and a few ridiculous pictures of jack brown, clearly he has no shame* AND i guess i don't either as i keep posting pics of my beautiful new baby boy.


jack LOVES the bathtub



Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous.....Wow looks a bit like heaven....and I thought heaven was in Ireland.
Must try the Spanish restaurant...will I am sure remind me of Nanny.
Jack sleeps like his aunt PITA and we know she has no shame.

Anne Zimmerman said...

When can I come visit?