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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

basalt block party weekend.........june 11 & 12...................part 1

what a weekend. i am exhausted........feeling sluggish (yoga in a few hours hoping to revive me or send me to an early sleep time) i am trying out yoga.....i have taken maybe a dozen yoga classes in my life and was never really into it. however, i am so envious of the yoga bodies i see on my friends....arms, abs, ass....hmm so i have decided to give it a try in this beautiful environment. i love how i feel afterwards but am not a fan of the moaning, chanting..but hey, maybe i'll learn to enjoy it......or tune it out.  i went twice last week & am going today to a different studio to see how that goes.

so saturday morning i went on another hike and didn't make the loop in basalt mtn as i wasn't sure there was a loop & thought it best not to wander on my own. so short hike, chai at midland (with soy as i still can't have dairy...8 more days), then off to play with jack in the park (fetch....he's pretty good!) and then to the store. as i walk up (ugh, 10 minutes late) i am feeling a good day & jack is happy, content and already sleepy. in walks, a women in tennis gear who heads straight to the tourmaline trina cardi cape. so pretty on her since she is blonde, tall & tan. she was in the day before in golf gear & melisa was showing her all the fabulous ways to wear it. so, dreams of souchi, tossing & turning in beautiful cashmere, made her have to come in saturday morning. she left happy & fearful of a possible new addiction :)

then, the cool & very funny krista walks in. i met krista last week at her home for the trunk show she was hosting for her friend who launched the line of cottons from india (pretty colors). so we talk, chat, & she tries on everything in the store. i like her style, love her attitude and we are having a great time. she leaves with 2 amazing gifts for friends & gifts for herself. she's headed to a bbq that night and needed the paula pocket pullover in snow white & tight white jeans to wear with chocolate lizard cowboy boots & layers of the most amazing turquoise squash blossom necklace from the 20's (swoon!!!). not to mention she has long legs, bright blue eyes...stunning. she needed some other things and had a great time choosing. so much fun.

then in walks, suzanne, our new souchi favorite. she is also very funny, realized her souchi addiction early on (that's the first step) and just had to say yes to the souchi drug! she got cool cool pieces: new jeans from 'mother' the crop looker in peacock (i think i need these), souchi caroline sweater in navy, the netty panel tank in chrome bamboo, the clinton head scarf in multi (love!) and the last christina lehr tent tee. seriously cute stuff and she looked fantastic.

so far, it's noon & i am having the best day with great customers. so i head out for an afternoon break from 2-5 so i can be back to work in the store if it's busy late night because of the block party. 

end of part 1...

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Anne Zimmerman said...

Yoga yoga! Keep going + find the right teacher. It is life changing!