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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

guest edit.......mary dolich, fashionable mom, wife & ..........

 OK, sweet-cool-fashionable-hip-funny-kind-....... mary is amazing! why the incredible love for mary? well, kids, you will all fall in love with mary, when you realize it was her first purchase of my senior collection at the academy of art college, circa 1997 that gave me a $ for my first loom. yes, she helped start it all.......we met in san francisco at the neiman marcus, union square in the salon shoe department. we traded addictions (shoes & clothes!!) and became friends. i started souchi, she met who would become her husband, scott (yes, kids, the super chef @ park kitchen) and moved back to portland, or. 
cut to six years ago and our paths crossed the souchi store on nw 23rd.........the love continues. 

1.  Nico cashmere two pocket long sweater- this feels amazing!!  So comfortable, love the cropped sleeves, long sweater over the Genetic Denim freshman skinny chino.  Comfy, ready for fall, ready for big jewels and a tote!

2.  Julia!!  What's not to love!!  Fabulously huge coat, but so warm I wear it over a great tank and keep the look streamlined.  Btw, LOVE the new ruched down the middle tank!!  Great with the Julia.

3.  Annette wrap skirt in morel.  Wear it with the pocket cardi in soft grey, Christina Lehr tank and some Triian jewels!  Soo sexy but also demure for the no-longer-20 (or even 30) set.

4.   Tiffany rib legging.  I wasn't going to do it, but now I can't do without!  Wear them under the Annette when you don't want to reveal quite so much,  or under the Lydia to dress it down a bit.  Then, there is always the trip to the couch to read or watch TV, so cozy!

5.  Lydia dress.  Dress her up with some great heels and jewels, dress her down with leggings or boots.  Look like a lady, feel like a lady but move like the busy woman that you are!!!

6.  Donatella dress.  You might want to save this one for date night, it's too sexy to let loose on the general public.  Your boyfriend and/or husband will thank you!!!

7.  GD Shane cigarette cord.  Just to get you out of your GD denim.  All the same great attributes; fabuous fit, comfortable, great from behind, but with the soft suede-y look of cords.

8.  Johnny Farah quayaquil jumbo tote.  Gorgeous!!!  Looks like a million bucks but has the handmade effortless feel of high quality leather goods.  You need to take it to Italy!  It just looks like it wants to go there.

9.  Sonia navy hooded trench.  All it takes to look and feel good on a rainy Portland day!

10.  Sonia Eiffel tower patch sleeve sweater.  It looks like a grey sweater, but fits like dream.  Snug in all the right places, and a hint of humor with the Tour Eiffel on the hip!!



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