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Sunday, October 10, 2010

........tea with christine before the show.......

so, tonight is the souchi spring 2011 fashion show for portland fashion week. we are the finale and i'm a bit nervous. yes, chatty confident me dreads attention....good or bad doesn't matter. the idea of being on a stage with an audience of friends and strangers looking at what you've spent the last 4 months working on makes me nervous!

saturday, i decided i needed to indulge in a lil r&r this weekend since the collection, fittings and styling was already done. nope, nothing can be changed now so might as well enjoy some down time. this is a new concept for me, so i eased into it slowly:

raid the store for some outfits to wear to show
breakfast at beesaws w/ christine (chat chat chat)
more tea at (???? the gelato place on nw 23rd/kearney)
      -how big are these cups??
      -discussing how i loathe pictures or attention and how i've been told i need more on the blog/web
      -below is evidence i'm trying
extremity remedy at dragon tree + an add'l 30 min of neck massage (ahhhh)
visit from melany & baby gorgeous colette who LOVED billy kissing her face, hands and feet!

facial at skin by marywynn (ahhhhh)
indian food to nourish and fuel
hmmmmm still need to decide what to wear tonight

*please note my new rag & bone hat. i am obsessed and haven't taken it off for 3 days. be warned you will all be sick of seeing me in it very soon.

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Anne Zimmerman said...

You are freaking adorable. LOVE seeing your smiling face on the blog. Good luck tonight!