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Monday, October 18, 2010

california dreamin'...............

i just got back from los angeles for market. i had a great time catching up with friends, staying at my friend clc's house and bonding with her sweet lil dog peggy (she's 16!) & gorgeous talented daughters while late night talks of fashion, true blood (i NEED a costume) and my mid life crisis. 

don't people buy sports cars for a mid life crisis?  i should buy my dream car.........isn't she pretty? ahhhhhhhhh, one day she'll be mine.

just heard another amazing friend is opening a new store in the bay area......very excited! as i learn more details i will let you know. meanwhile, the serenity of her new place seems like i may be back on the road very soon!

how is this picture even possible? my god it's so beautiful

one of my favorite pics of shasta mountain. isn't it pretty?  it didn't look like it this time but still just as magical. mid life crisis remedy...road trip baby! clear head, music (the good, the bad and the's all good late night singing at the top of your lungs.
oh i so sound like annie lennox!

roof top garden at the soho house in west hollywood. clc and i went for drinks (too many!) and dinner. it's a private club so no cell phones and no pictures which is why i had to pull this from their website. the roof top garden is beautiful and probably boasts, in my opinion, the best view in los angeles. oh and perhaps the stiffest greyhounds....anywhere!
yum at night
not so much in the morning.

thank you los angeles for a great time, perfect weather (cool drizzly and grey) good food, time with wonderful friends and not one single speeding ticket or parking violation. 

oh, and souchi shoppers i picked up a new jewelry line that is so cool, colorful and raw. love it.

ok, portland, show me what you got....

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Anne said...

Oh, sounds like a super trip. Can't wait to hear more about everything!