the souchi story

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dreaming of color.....oh dries! oh jil! oh celine!

it's no surprise i LOVE color! i like it in my home, my closet, my store.....everywhere! so it's no wonder i drooled all over my persimmon tweed sofa while wrapped up in a multi colored (66 to be exact) souchi blanket............ i feel poverty for spring but looking fabulous!! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR!

jil sander (but not really jil....i miss jil!)

dries van noten (AHHHHHHHHHH going on 15 yrs of being in love)

and celine......HOW HAPPY am i that phoebe philo (former chloe/post stella designer...) is back from a design hiatus! *look at the back/sides of the white pants....and how about those zippers!!

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