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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my favorite looks from souchi finale show at portland fashion week!

portland fashion week was a blur of fittings, meetings, tear sheets, music/dj, press and fireworks at the loom. thank you to margi & brigid for their help in making things happen backstage (how did we forget to open the cava???) and for austie in saving the day from glossy red lips (fabulous but not for souchi spring) and to chris, tito and elizabeth for making it all fun.

here are some of my favorite runway shots. what do you think? what are your favorites?


guinevere silk yarn dress (i love this dress!!)
drapes, layers, silk....swoon
spring is sheers, drapes and cozy...for less sheer pair with our organic camis
there is always a place to wear a cashmere bikini!!
pretty, soft, flow & sheer....again
how to wear sheers? not as daring? wear tissue weight layers and play with color and tones
bad hair day? salty knotted beach hair? solution: bamboo tricia head scarf!

multi colored super fine cashmere tie shoulder dress is perfect for all spring & summer invites.
lounging around the boat? pool? villa? seaside? pull on this perfect superfine cashmere v-neck with high waist multi colored briefs....
casual cool confident
invited to jay z and bk's yacht? here's your suit and my reason to continue with boot camp!


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Anne Zimmerman said...

love it. jz and bk. dreamy.