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Sunday, October 24, 2010

how NOT to wear open back styles.......

i took this photo in florence this summer while with my friend thea (of thea grant). i had to dodge a few vespas and taxi's but i felt it was important photo. a few things necessary to fully view this photo:

 it was july, hot, humid and the fabrics worn are spandex! first layer is a bra, with a halter bodysuit
worn over the bra and a lycra mini skirt worn over the bodysuit & then
worn with suede boots. hmmm

kids, this is not the way to rock the backless looks that are so popular in unbearable heat. i am a believer in a little bit of skin being seductive, cool, interesting and mysterious. i also think it's necessary to pay attention to your fabrics when choosing for summer. choose natural fibers that breath.
spandex does not breathe.

i just finished placing my orders for spring and finished portland fashion week. here is what i came up with for how to do backless correctly.
what do you think are the best ways to keep cool and chic in the summer?


gorgeous silk dress from bruce....coming this spring

x-cross back ruffle dress from sonia by sonia rykiel......coming this spring

silk knit 'brenda' cut out t-shirt by souchi....coming this january

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Anne said...

Hello!? That pink thing? ALL FOR ME.