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Sunday, October 24, 2010

last minute color inspirations..........

new necklaces for spring

gorgeous hand panted wrapping paper that i'll be using for holiday gifts. i was lucky enough to find these hat pins made of vintage kimono fabrics. i thought these would be a change from the
usual bow, flowers or string.

crotchet lace swatches i saw in florence this summer. wow!

unbelievably awesome necklaces from ports 1961. sadly, i could not afford these. but the photos keep
the dream alive.....look at them. ahhhhhhhh

the adorable nico 

playa del carmen, mexico

rain in portland has begun. i am so excited and was rewarded with thunder and lightening!!

for my rare, lazy sunday, i decided to look at photos and decided to share these colorful images with you. i thought you might enjoy them as it may be awhile before we see this much color.

unless you have fantastic warm weather holiday plans. i am headed to boston for thanksgiving and considering a winter getaway. thoughts on where? 
i am thinking tokyo. have any of you been recently?


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