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Sunday, May 29, 2011

basalt.............may 28 & 29

yesterday and today blew by...truly! it was so windy tonight: signs, planters, trash cans, etc were turned over, my decks covered in tiny branches and flower petals (pretty but man i can't stop sneezing). 

jack was quite sad and moody yesterday. we had a rough day & weren't very good friends. i was starting to think he was sick since he was so mopey. i was getting frustrated as everyone who came in, walked by, etc had plenty of advice on what to do. which most days i find helpful but yesterday i was annoyed. especially as it was: you need better toys, oh doesn't he have anything to chew, doesn't he go outside, oh 'no no no, don't bark', etc when i kept saying, he has 5 toys here, has eaten 2 chew toys and he goes out 10 minutes every hour and usually more. arghhhhh

i was busy at the store selling batwings, tricia headscarfs, tanks & butik necklaces. i got a visit from the fashion photographer and got invited to drinks with a group from basalt at 6:30. i headed home and got a message from logan, laila's mom, saying 'we're headed to the park can you and jack meet us?' YES!! as soon as i said, jack, do you want to play with laila, he jumped up and we were out the door in 5 minutes. we have to pass the store logan works at in order to go to the park, and jack headed straight to the store (which was closed) and scratched and scratched the door whimpering. i said, 'no she's at the park'. he just laid down and dug in. he would not budge. so i had to pick him up and carry him half a block before he gave up and started to walk. as soon as we crossed to the park, he must have seen or smelled her because he started pulling like crazy. then we hear, 'look laila it's jack!'. omg! they ran towards each other and were kissing on the mouth and then proceeded to play for 45 minutes! it was so much fun. i realized jack was mopey, he missed laila. sadly they are in a soccer tournament this weekend so we don't get to see her and jack is mopey. poor jack is smitten.

at 6:30 i walk over to temparnillo to meet some new friends. 3 hours later: 2 1/2 glasses of wine & rigatoni with meat sauce & some shaved manchego on top. yum! delicious. we started inside & then decided to sit out on the lawn on the outdoor furniture as the sun went down. then it was back inside for dinner. a great night.

today, was a day of writing orders for both the portland & basalt stores, choosing new spring 2012 colors  & snacking way too much. again, jack was mopey and missing laila. so each time we went out for potty breaks we had to scrach on laila's door.
it's love.

happy memorial day.

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