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Sunday, July 18, 2010

bangs? fringe? layers? .........lord it's my age old question........

so every few months i start the 20 year bang or grow out........?

i've been wanting a change so have spent the last 6 months growing out my bangs only to be thrown for a loop with alber elbaz's fall 2010 collection! it is so not fair.... i had that hair for many years and loved it (still do) but then started dreaming of long layers.

now i have no idea. so what do you think? maybe even a new color? do you like any of these styles? i welcome any ideas.



christine said...

You wear bangs well. That being said you look great bangless. Tough for me too, I am always very tempted with bangs, now more tempted after reading this post.

I say grow them out now and reconsider come fall.

suzi johnson said...

but i AM planning for fall! it's my favorite looking at boots, chunky heels, bangs/layers....the perfect pant....
my hair choice will dictate some of the above choices

Gretchen Plank said...

Love the 'do in the top photo! Straight bangs are kinda overdone at this point, no? Planning dark hair with copper highlights for fall for meself. Color options are too much fun!
Did you check out Sergio Rossi's platforms while in Firenze? Killer. Currently trying to get my hands on the Miu Miu Porto Cervo boots - super stunning. Dior and others have done a fab shortie with a chunky lug. Lived in the chunky lugs last winter in Roma.
Enjoy the hunt!

suzi johnson said...

ahhh gretchen! so true...i've had the lanvin cut for a good 10+ yrs....i'm feeling helena's hairs but a bit choppier on the bottom...and dare i say i'm considering high lights & a body wave (circa 1986) too! it must be firenze's fault all that sunlight bouncing off roof tops and italian girls with their curls.

ok, have you seen the rochas hills? kinda crazy and loving them. i love that boot! sergio rossi looked great

wanting lots of bowler!
i could go on.
enjoy those copper highlights. we miss you.

suzi johnson said...

ok, people...i said 'hills' but meant heels. this happens when one is knitting on two looms while typing :(