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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fashion inspirations...part 1.......

carolyn bessette-kennedy does classics best.

perhaps, it was because she epitomized east coast affluent culture that was so opposite my upbringing. i grew up in southern california where casual meant levis with holes, cut off shorts, bikini tops or tanks and flip flops. don't get me wrong i still like that too (i'm sure you've seen my favorite paint covered levis with holes!) but, to make casual classic and sophisticated at the same time was a fairly new fashion concept in the late 90's. designer jeans (except calvins) were just hitting the stores. can you imagine a time when you couldn't wear jeans and a cool top out to a fancy restaurant? yes, kiddies, it was not so long ago.

i was 27 when the fashion world began to take notice of carolyn. i loved how clean, classic & completely dressed she always looked. the perfect coat, bag, boot, hat & scarf....ALWAYS! not to mention her skin was always fresh and bare but for the scarlet lipstick and shiny clean simple hair.

image 1:
classic carolyn head to toe.
i love the sense of humor with the pointy knit hat w/ ear flaps worn with a birkin bag, prada coat & my guess of manolo stretch suede boots. perfect.

image 2:
a kercheif, simple sunglasses, navy jacket, white cami, and cropped flared jeans & cool shoes. *please note this cut of jeans is now the pant you'll want for fall :)
i wore this look so much in 1997 while in art school. my god, i made so many crop flared pants to wear with my monkey boots and i always had something on my head: beret, kerchief, skull cap....ah the good ol days. maybe time for a re-do?

image 3:
classic......faded beat up jeans you've worn thru high school, college and breakups and weekend marathon of dirty dancing (not me!). here, she wears them for a weekend in hyannis port. please note, the place for these was a beach weekend not dinner at corton! i love these. they say comfort and i don't mean fit...i mean comfort in who you are and the memories you've had wearing these.....perhaps a fashion girls replacement of a baby blanket?

image 4:
an awesome black jacket. what makes this great and a classic? it's simple, severe and easy elegance. why? because the details and fit are impeccable. did you notice the darts on the arms? the multiple closely placed buttons? this is a piece i wish i owned.

image 5:
classic black muscle tank! this works great with jeans, pencil skirt, mens trousers, just perfect. notice how it just adds a little something to the simple jeans. yet, a sexy shoe while walking the dog is something that i loved when i first saw this picture. no need for teva's or tennis shoes.... perhaps some inspiration for carrie bradshaw?

image 6:
classic camel cords & a black turtleneck....well and a hot man to walk down the street with. well 2 out of 3 is still pretty good right? when i saw this photo, i had just seen the audry hepburn movie 'wait until dark' and i thought...did carolyn just see this too? probably not, but this look i never tire of. 

carolyn's style proved the point:  invest in the classics because they will forever work.


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Anne Zimmerman said...

Wow! I never put together how much Carolyn influenced my clothing/ style too. I look at each one of these outfits and think -- yes, I would wear that! (And might I add that I think souchi pieces would mix in well with any of these looks). Great post!