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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Florence: So Close, Yet So Far Away

suzi answered these travel q's while she was in Amsterdam waiting for her connection to Florence. Look for stories from Florence soon, along with tales for how to get along without luggage. Yes, we jinxed her with that last question....

You're in a new place. What do you do first to get adjusted?
Unpack, quick shower, cool walking shoes and get outside with my camera.

How is Italian style different from what you see on the streets in the U.S.?
Depends on what part of US :) usually, I find italian women sexy because they seem so comfortable with their bodies. So whether clothes are tight or baggy is irrelevant. But, it's been a few years so maybe ask me this again at the end of the trip.

Have you ever been to Italy? What have you seen so far that is beautiful, interesting, or inspiring?
I've been to florence 3 times, venice, milan, naples, aeolian islands, pisa........ahhh but yet to see rome. The ponte vecchio always makes me happy in florence. All those tiny shops.

Let's pretend your suitcase was lost. How would you recover? Go out and buy a bunch of new clothes? Buy a couple of great basics? Or???

Omg! Well considering I haven't arrived yet I'm going with that's a hypothetical ? And not a premonition!! If this happens I would head to the market by a pair of italian sandals and a  and a pair of cotton beachy pants. Then head to luisaviaroma and indulge in a 'perfect t-shirt or top'. I am lucky because in my bag on the plane I have my jewelry, sunglasses, lip balm and ysl touche eclat and a fedora (don't you wish you bought that ports bag?, it fits a million things)

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