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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tips for suviving plane rides short & long

suzi is headed to florence, italy for the week! the intrepid traveler gave us some tips that will help us all travel in style. we'll post more updates and advice throughout the week.

hey, why are you going to Italy, anyway?
    the pitti filati yarn show is twice a year in italy. i was invited to come this year which was wonderful & exciting.

do you check your luggage or carry on? what are your carry on must haves?
    for int'l non-direct flights i check my bag (never bags!) having to carry 3 bags 4 times a year for collections & ten times minimum per year for trunk shows means i will never ever overpack!
   must haves:
        lotion (for hands and feet)
        burts bees tinted lip balm (incredible! i bought once at a kiosk in sf airport because i left my make-up bag at home....terrible) and fell in love with it.   
        granola bar
        sketch book/notebook
        muji multi color pen
        tricia head scarf (i don't like my hair/head touching the seats)

it takes a long time to get to Italy. Any transcontinental flight essentials or signature Suzi advice?
        take off your shoes, put thick socks on and lotion (do this before boarding in matter how cute your feet are, nobody wants to see them) up close
        stay up late the night before so you are tired and can rest.
        feet exercises while sitting work great
        relax and take the time to enjoy doing nothing :)
        don't overdue the will regret it later

how do you fight jet lag?
        i'm usually pretty lucky with jet lag but i usually skip the wine/cocktails and instead have water. i read a lot on the plane so i usually fall asleep and get some solid 20-30 minute cat naps throughout the flight. i choose only one movie and read the rest to insure the cat naps

your ipod play list or what's on your kindle?
        i am around so much noise in the studio everyday that i find i prefer to read on a plane and enjoy the quiet.
        kindle: the book thief & then the girl with the dragon tattoo series


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Anna Walker said...

Bring a super, super good book. Some magazines, make sure your ipod is fully charged!