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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fashion inspirations........part 2........bold by milla

milla jovovich = my biggest girl crush

i think of her style as bold because there is no fear in her choice of color, print, accessories, hair....anything. i love that it all looks right on her and never contrived. these images i've selected to inspire you and mostly me for stepping up on my accessories this season. when you see a color you love, think milla, not 'but what will i wear this with'. you'll note most accessories she chooses are contrasts and not matchy. i love her style & i love her smile. and i loved please!!

image 1:
that face & smile & cool hair. no accessory will ever beat a great smile!

image 2:
i love love love this look. grey wool flannel newsboy hat paired with a silk floral ruffle front dress because it's not what you'd expect. usually you'd see a beret to give it a french feel or a cloche to make it look vintage. i think what really makes this is the choppy bowl cut & tiny lil necklace. a great example of masculine and feminine.

lesson: have fun w/ fashion!

image 3:
pearls, veil, flower, tassel and silk charmeuse, oh my! just saying all that sounds like it'd be over the top but it's not. this is perfectly polished and she seems so relaxed. it gives the impression she's lounging at home like the silent movie actresses. 

*lesson: dressing up is fun

image 4:
why do basic black when you can do floor length turquoise and a canary yellow bag! i am so in love with this for so many reasons. i love black but what a statement of confidence to wear a color and accessory that is electric. note, keep hair simple, beachy and relaxed so it doesn't compete with the dress or color.

lesson: you do need an alternative to the LBD and make it a statement piece

image 5:
beaded, big floral, small floral, flutter sleeves and a beaded clutch can be subtle, pretty and sophisticated.

lesson: don't be afraid of a lot going on

image 6:
jewelry can be part of a garment and look cool. i love this hair band.

lesson: bold prints & shape look best with simple hair and clean make-up and minimal accessories. 

image 7:
grey flannel can be anything but boring! especially when done by chanel & sporting an enormous accessory. i love the choice of slick back hair and bold lips. it's classic uptown but done with milla flair: fringe trim, sleevless & a gigantic tassel broche

lesson: you can be cool, sexy & conservative.

i am always inspired by milla and her wardrobe choices. i would love love love to raid her closet. but, since that's probably creepy and a tad illegal, i will settle for inspiration. oh and hopes that she and carmen revive jovovich-hawk.

here's to dreaming.



christine said...

Another great style icon. I too love and miss jovovich-hawk. Maybe someday they will be back.

Anne Zimmerman said...

Another favorite of mine. Remember when she was a singer, too? Also I love her hair. Inspiration for me this fall in all sorts of ways.