the souchi story

Friday, July 23, 2010

part 3.........tilda.......avante garde brilliance..................

love love love..........tilda swinton! she is a woman that kicks ass! she is striking, cool, strong and confident. do i know her? no. then how do i know these things? because you can't make the choices she does with fashion and have such an ease to her walk unless she is all of those things.

i love:

-that her stride (see shot 3) says she knows exactly where she is going
-that her face appears to change yet it is exactly the same! huh? well, look at these photos: she is striking, beautiful, pretty, harsh, scary, other worldly, strong, shy, confident. see what i mean?
-this woman can handle tons of make-up and strong light and then no make-up and both are equally intriguing.
-those long long long legs!
-that each choice is strong enough to make a statement but is probably not her intention.
-that she is having a damn good time with fashion.
-that she has probably NEVER asked herself, 'does this work for me?' or 'but will i wear this?' or 'how will i wear this?' or 'is this too much'.... ahhhhhhhhh
-that people either love or hate her style. nobody wavers with tilda
-she has a closet full (ok, probably more than one) of clothes that could be it's own fashion retrospective at the snootiest of galleries
-that she's often on the worst dressed list when i'd die (hey we've all got to have a final resting place outfit!) for what she wears
-that the strength in her bone structure, height, stance, brain is not overshadowed by the warmth in her eyes.

what i wish for you all is that you experiment with something you don't usually wear. see the response. there is bound to be something from friends or maybe the reactions from co-workers, people on the street....change and experience are so widely believed to be necessities in life so include change and experience in your closets too.

ok, and on a wish......maybe one day i'll see her in souchi..... a girl can dream.

what do you think of tilda?



Anne Zimmerman said...

OK Tilda is not my fave... but like you said maybe I just need to try something new and bold? What do you have in mind for me miss suzi?

suzi johnson said...

for you anne, i'd like to see you wear something that is still classic, yet a bit more complicated in shape, pattern or just getting into. check out: yohji yamamoto and dries van noten.....and then get back to me. oh, and fall in love w/ tilda

Gretchen Plank said...

LOVE Tilda, LOVED 'Io Sono L'Amore' (I Am Love), and LOVE her fearless style. Tilda rocks!

Anne said...

Just heard at a dinner party on Saturday that there is an awesome documentary about yohju yamamoto. I will watch it and be inspired. Then I will be back in touch for practical (what should I actually wear) advice. For now I just curl up in souchi. it is cold in SF!